Not What You Expect

By Jim Manney

What does God’s voice sound like? In my experience, like nothing I was expecting. A while ago I was having some very bad days. I had too much work to do. My wife and I had a stack of unpaid bills. Problems kept cropping up, and my solutions weren’t working. I felt helpless, and I hated feeling that way. I was angry, then depressed; boastful, then self-pitying. In the middle of all this mental turmoil […] ® is a service of Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry.

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Author: ZENUTO

Do you know that your multidimensional self is a living energy field? Your multidimensional self includes the body, the aura, the soul, and the universal spark within you. Realize that all of these aspects of yourself are dynamically united by your conscious mind. Our blogs teaches you to safely integrate and utilize your many levels of self, so that you can be a catalyst in the world, and ignite new possibilities for yourself and others. Through your own meaningful spiritual experiences, you co-create heaven on earth, as mystics throughout history have demonstrated is possible.

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